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urLive customer-initiated video calls

With a single click on your website customers can start a private live video call to your designated team.


urLive video calls are intelligently routed to your agents based on their expertise, skills, and availability.

Upgrade customer touch points with live video calls


A new channel  of engagement starts with an endlessly reusable  text-based URL called an Infinity Link™.

Share the link anywhere, such as websites, chatbots, kiosks, SMS/text, QR codes, email, and social media.

Your customers simply click the Infinity Link, which, starts a unique private call,  and  connects in live HD video to the appropriate agents on your designated team.

Complement your AI with human intelligence

Built for engagement

Your agents can efficiently answer multiple simultaneous video calls through concurrent call control.

Calls are automatically distributed to your team based on a set of easily configured rules.

Your team can flexibly participate in customer calls by adding agents, transferring, or forwarding calls.

75% of consumers will still choose to interact with a real person even as automated solutions improve.

Customer-driven video call benefits

Boost sales: Live video calls help your teams to increase conversions, shorten sales cycles, and grow the average transaction size.

Increase efficiency: Provide a better customer experience with reduced resolution times, lower support costs, and improved CSAT. 

Build business: Connect with your customers by humanizing your brand, strengthening product loyalty, and personalizing relationships. 

urLive is a 100% cloud SaaS solution: you only pay for what you use

Superior in-call experience

High-definition video and audio: reinforce the quality of your brand, products, and services. 

Powerful in-call tools: screen sharing, agent messaging, and rapid file transfer allows your staff to support your customers more efficiently.

Secure communication: all video, audio, messages, and files are encrypted during urLive calls to protect customer privacy.

Zoom & Teams fail by design

urLive commercial depth

Distributes live video customer calls to your team
Strengthens engagement with personalization
Provides easy access with one-click calling
Distributes live video customer calls to your team

Concurrent call control


Smart routing


Attended call transfer


Integrated scheduling


urLive Capacity Service

Strengthens engagement with personalization

High-definition video


Scheduled calls


Call data and notes


Post-call redirection

Provides easy access with one-click calling

Infinity Link call activation


Configurable in-bound routing


Encrypted communications




SaaS cost certainty

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