Live video customer calls

Personalized customer engagement

urLive strengthens customer engagement by intelligently connecting live video customer calls to your team. 

It’s easy for your customers to access your representatives from a smart URL that can be conveniently embedded anywhere, such as websites, SMS/text messages, and email. 

A single click starts a high-definition live video call. 

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Enterprise ready

urLive’s Customer Engagement Platform™ allows your team to answer multiple inbound video calls using skills-based routing, simple attended call transfer, and integrated scheduling.

The urLive cloud-based platform automatically connects your customers’ needs to your teams’ expertise through settings that are easily configured in a web portal.

Customer calls can be shared among staff by adding team members, transferring, or forwarding calls.

urLive ensures you never miss a call with call queuing and the option for customers to schedule calls with a specific agent.

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Measurable benefits

Live video customer calls help you

  • Increase conversions
  • Shorten sales cycles
  • Grow average transaction size
  • Reduce resolution times
  • Lower support costs
  • Improve customer satisfaction scores
  • Raise brand awareness
  • Deepen product affinity
  • Develop a personalized relationship

Teams around the world depend on urLive

Intelligently connect live video customer calls to skilled team representatives

·       Smart routing

·       Attended call transfer

·       Integrated scheduling

·       Call data and notes

Strengthen customer engagement through personalized live video calls

·       High-definition video

·       Customer scheduled calls

·       Team directory

·       Post call redirection

Provide easy customer access to qualified agents with one-click video calling

·       Configurable in-bound routing

·       Smart URL – Infinity Link

·       Encrypted communications

·       SaaS cost certainty


Live video conversations

How it works for your customers

  • A new level of engagement starts with a smart URL called an Infinity Link™. It’s like a 1-800 number that gives your customers live access to the most appropriate members of your team.

  • Create your own Infinity Link in seconds. Share the link anywhere on Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, iOS, and Android.

  • Your online customers simply click and connect in live video to the agents on your designated team – they never have to download any software or create an account.

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How it works for your team

  • urLive equips your team to answer multiple inbound video calls using skills-based routing, simple attended call transfer, and integrated scheduling.

  • Customers click your Infinity Link and are instantly routed to the appropriate group or even a specific person on your team.

  • Easily add and replace agents associated with your team’s Infinity Link call group. Quickly reorder call routing with an easy-to-use web portal.

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Attended call transfer

  • Agents can invite other agents to assist customers and they can jump between calls.

  • Share live calls among staff by adding, transferring, or forwarding with attended call transfer.

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Never miss a customer call

  • Stay connected to your customer with call queuing.

  • Customers have the option to get a callback or they can simply schedule a future call on your agent’s calendar if your staff is busy or unavailable.

  • urLive even provides optional Capacity Service plans to ensure that a trained product representative is always ready to answer customer questions with personalized care.

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  • Reminder emails, text messages, and device notifications with call links are automatically resent 10 minutes before scheduled calls to both agents and customers.

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Complement your AI with human intelligence©

Businesses are forfeiting over $75 billion annually in lost sales opportunities due to poor customer communications. The actual costs are higher if you account for customer churn, product returns, and negative product reviews, which lead to increased customer acquisition costs and lost revenue. What’s often needed to satisfy and retain a customer is just a quick, live conversation.

There has been a trend to automate customer communications to reduce costs. Callback forms and AI bots work well for many inquiries, such as pricing, product availability, and delivery schedules. But automation can be inadequate for customers who have more complex questions, such as product compatibility or specific details about features. 

If the customer is reaching out, they’re at a point of losing or gaining trust. A personalized customer experience will increase brand affinity and the likelihood they will continue buying from you and not from a competitor.

Superior In-Call Experience

  • HD quality: our peer-to-peer platform delivers high-definition video and audio that reinforces the quality of your brand, products, and services.

  • Powerful in-call tools: easy screen sharing, agent messaging, and lightning-fast file transfer allow your staff to support your customer more efficiently.

  • Secure communication: all video, audio, messages, and files are encrypted end-to-end during urLive calls to protect customer privacy.

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Flexible, easy deployment

  • Promote anywhere: your Infinity Link can be used on webpages, kiosks, email, text/SMS, QR codes, social media, mobile apps, and chat widgets.

  • Instant kiosks: create kiosks for your customers using only urLive and any internet ready device supporting a web browser such as an iPad, Android tablet, Windows touchscreen, or Chromebook.

  • No-code deployment: urLive Infinity Links and cloud call group routing are configured through a simple web portal by a department admin, not expensive IT staff. Start your video engagements immediately! It’s easy to make real-time modifications.

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  • Stay on budget: urLive is a 100% cloud SaaS solution where you only pay for what you use – there are no costly hardware expenses that require finance approvals.

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Why not use Zoom or Teams?

Video conferencing services, such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams, provide a different experience than urLive’s customer engagement platform, and they address a fundamentally different problem. With a Zoom meeting, for example, there is a fixed link tied to a specific hosted meeting room, a known set of attendees, and a published time for the meeting. Everyone calls into the same meeting.

By contrast, urLive’s customer engagement service is more akin to a 1‑800 number system, capable of dynamically handling multiple in-bound calls using the same link, where customers can call anytime, and are routed to the first-available agent. urLive’s platform provides a complete set of customer engagement features not available with video conferencing services, including call queuing, callback, call scheduling, attended call transfer, and more.

Teams around the world are growing with urLive


“It’s not a difficult product to deploy. It’s got a ton of horsepower. It’s easy to use on the customer side. It’s easy to implement on the client side. I can’t say enough good things about it.”

Tim Kilfoil
CEO, JF Kilfoil Company


“The urLive HD video platform has helped us provide instant customer support, and our customers are impressed when a human answers their request.”

Andre Boisvert
General Manager, ZAP


“urLive includes sales agents early in the customer’s online journey, greatly benefiting consumers and dealerships.”

Mike Frazer
Managing Partner, ChromaCars

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