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Live video increases online sales by over 31%.

Empower your team to convert customers and reduce abandoned shopping carts. Customers browsing your products call you by simply clicking a urLive link from your online store without downloading software or creating accounts. You answer from your computer or mobile phone and use real-time HD video to showcase your products with two-way video and audio.

Step 1

Customers click URL Team Link to start video call. No download. No install.

Step 2

Your team of up to 100 gets notified on their computers or phones, simultaneously or in the order you specify.

Step 3

Screen share or forward calls. Up to 10 participants per call.

Simple, Single-Click Calling

Your customers simply click a urLive link to reach you and begin their service call. They don’t need to sign up or install software. urLive links can be placed on your website or shared in email or text messages.

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Team Calling by Single-Click

When customers click to call your business, you configure urLive to ring members of your team until someone answers. Up to 100 team members can be notified at once, in sequence or in a custom order that you specify.

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Branded, Anywhere Marketing Link

Product teams, and each salesperson can get their own branded urLive links which you can place next to each product or on each page as required. We suggest URLs that are easy for customers to remember and easy to share. The same urLive links can be used everywhere including your website, email and text marketing campaigns. To video call, audio call or message you, all customers need to do is click the link or type it into their browser. urLive links can also be shared in chat

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Seamless Device Switching

Use your mobile device to showcase your product. Then switch to your computer and show your prospects spec sheets, images or order taking applications from your laptop. It’s easy with seamless device switching and easy screen sharing.

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Upgrade Traditional Voice Phone Call To Video

If you decide to showcase your product while talking to a customer on the phone, you can simply text or tell them your urLive link. Once they click the link to video call you, hang up the phone call and engage with them via video using urLive’s free mobile apps!

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Deploy Within Minutes

Just create a urLive account and share your link. Start receiving calls immediately.

Deploying our Chat Widget is as easy as copying our code, already customized for your urLive link, and pasting it to your website.


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Attended Call Transfer

urLive makes transferring customers from your call center to expert salespeople personal, quick and easy. Simply invite colleagues to the call, introduce them and leave confident that the customer is in good hands

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Being able to accept calls on my phone and flip between the cameras is really useful for demonstrating products to customers when on the showroom floor

Catherine E.
Project Manager

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What’s included in the Team Plan?

Team plans are ideal if you require more than one person to manage incoming communications to a site. You get…

How do I purchase a Team Plan?

Basic and Pro plans are great for individuals. However, if you have a team of people that needs their own…

How do I activate and create my Team Page?

Once you have purchased your Team, follow these steps to activate your team. Click My Teams on the side bar….

How do I add the urLive chat widget to an existing website?

Got an existing website or page that you want to add real time communication to? Simply copy the code for…

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