Tired of sharing hyperlinks before chatting?

Your urLive Infinity URL is reusable. A personalized webpage is included.

Connect with friends instantly and effortlessly without the hassle of sharing hyperlinks and chat room configuration hassles.

Step 1: Claim Once

Choose your personalized urLive Infinity URL. This is your new web “phone number”

Step 2: Share Once

Let friends know your URL and that they can visit your included webpage.

Step 3: Talk Forever

Infinity URL is reusable and starts a new video call every time. No need to share a new link before every call.

Inifnity URL

  • Zero-Click URL Calling: Callers type your urLive infinity link into the browser and hit enter. No clicking required!

  • Simple Incoming Calling: Callers don’t need to create accounts or login

  • Power URLs: URLs which instantly call you (Video, Audio or IM), schedule calls with you or link to your profile page.

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This is the fastest "zero-to-a-video-call" that I've ever experienced!

Kyle W.

Kyle W.


Superior In-Call Experience

  • HD Quality: Crystal clear video and audio using peer-to-peer technology.

  • Encryption for audio, video, messaging and file sharing: All media (audio/voice) and data (messages/files) are encrypted during your urLive calls.

  • Communication Privacy: We don’t show ads or sell your data.

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Personal, Anywhere Link

Claim your personal urLive Infinity URL now. We suggest a URL that’s easy for friends to remember and easy for you to share. The same urLive link can be used everywhere including your website, email and text marketing campaigns. To video call, audio call or message you, all friends need to do is click the link or type it into their browser.

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Screen Sharing

A picture is worth a thousand words. Share ideas and collaborate on projects faster. Both you and your friends can share your screens at the same time.

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Fast, Secure Document Sharing

Instantly send large files during your call – encrypted, more secure and faster than email.

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The ease of access was the winning factor. My student on rotation could easily connect with me, no waiting for IT to set her up, she didn't even need to create an account.

S. B.

S. B.

Academic Detailer

The product and what urLive offers is great. The fact that everything is contained in the browser and I can make a call without signing up or having to create an account is really impressive.

Delreen M.

Delreen M.

Business Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s included in the Team Plan?

Team plans are ideal if you require more than one person to manage incoming communications to a site. You get…

How do I purchase a Team Plan?

Basic and Pro plans are great for individuals. However, if you have a team of people that needs their own…

How do I activate and create my Team Page?

Once you have purchased your Team, follow these steps to activate your team. Click My Teams on the side bar….

How do I add the urLive chat widget to an existing website?

Got an existing website or page that you want to add real time communication to? Simply copy the code for…

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