Customers demand instant connections to your teams

Customers simply click a link to video call your teams.

Customers initiate calls simply, anonymously and directly from your website without downloading software, installing plugins or creating accounts. Immediately delight website visitors enthused by your value proposition. No need to ask for email addresses or schedule call-backs that reduce momentum when prospecting sales or providing instant customer service. Teams can now close deals or capture opportunities while customers are emotionally “charged” and expressing interest.

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Step 1: Claim Once

Choose your branded urLive Infinity URLs, get one for each team.

Step 2: Share Once

Share URLs via email, text SMS on social media. Of course, add them to your web sites as buttons or use our included chat widget.

Step 3: Talk Forever

Infinity URLs are reusable and start a new video call every time. Multiple customers can call at once. Each team that answers can have 100 call recipients.

Single-Click Team Calling

Once prospective buyers click on your urLive link to start a video call, have your team capitalize and turn that conversation into a product showcase. Up to 100 product experts can be notified at once, in a sequence or in a custom order that you specify.

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Being able to accept calls on my phone and flip between the cameras is really useful for demonstrating products to customers when on the showroom floor.

Catherine E.

Catherine E.

Project Manager

Branded, Anywhere Marketing Link

Product teams, and each salesperson can get their own branded urLive links. We suggest URLs that are easy for customers to remember and easy to share. The same urLive links can be used everywhere including your website, email and text marketing campaigns. To video call, audio call or message you, all customers need to do is click the link or type it into their browser. urLive links can also be shared in chat applications to upgrade text messaging conversations to full video calls.

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Attended Call Transfer

urLive makes transferring customers from your call center to expert salespeople personal, quick and easy. Simply invite colleagues to the call, introduce them and leave confident that the customer is in good hands

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Superior In-Call Experience

  • HD Quality: Crystal clear video and audio using peer-to-peer technology.

  • Encryption for audio, video, messaging and file sharing: All media (audio/voice) and data (messages/files) are encrypted during your urLive calls.

  • Communication Privacy: We don’t show ads or sell your data.

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Upgrade Phone Call To Video Call

urLive links can be shared in text/SMS messages to upgrade phone calls to full video calls. You simply text your urLive link during your phone conversation and the client clicks it to start the video call. You answer the call on your mobile phone or laptop and voila, you’re connected over video!

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Screen Sharing

A picture is worth a thousand words. It’s easier for you to resolve a problem and less stressful on your customers when they can both show you the problem and you can guide them through the solution. Also securely transfer files.

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Chat Widget

  • Low Fixed-Cost: No per minute or per call charges.

  • Easy-to-Deploy: Add to your website with a simple copy and paste.

  • Integration in minutes: Just copy your urLive widget code to your website and you’re done. Start receiving calls immediately.

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Hot Seats

All team accounts start with at least 6 team members and individuals can be swapped any time without purchasing new seats.

Add new seats at any time.

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This is the fastest “zero-to-a-video-call” that I’ve ever experienced!

Kyle W.


The ease of access was the winning factor. My student on rotation could easily connect with me, no waiting for IT to set her up, she didn’t even need to create an account


Academic Detailer

The product and what urLive offers is great. The fact that everything is contained in the browser and I can make a call without signing up or having to create an account is really impressive.

Delreen M.

Business Manager

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Make it easier for friends to contact you – no need to share hyperlinks to chatrooms.

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Perfect for solopreneurs – get your website calling and schedule all in one place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s included in the Team Plan?

Team plans are ideal if you require more than one person to manage incoming communications to a site. You get…

How do I purchase a Team Plan?

Basic and Pro plans are great for individuals. However, if you have a team of people that needs their own…

How do I activate and create my Team Page?

Once you have purchased your Team, follow these steps to activate your team. Click My Teams on the side bar….

How do I add the urLive chat widget to an existing website?

Got an existing website or page that you want to add real time communication to? Simply copy the code for…

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