Easy, patient visits using HD video

Single click connects patients to your team

Your patient’s single click connects them via HD video to your team. Your reception answers and assures patient that they’ve connected and that you will be with them shortly. Patient waits until you’re ready to examine them. During your call, easily screen share instructions, images or other applications if needed. Continue to use existing billing, patient info systems as you do for phone calls. No need to learn new systems, we just let you replace the phone with HD browser video calling.

Simple Calling

Patients use your clinic’s branded, reusable urLive link for simple One-Click Video Calling. No download. No install.

Attended Call Transfer

EReception answers calls, then transfers them to others in your clinic. After your reception answers patients’ calls, patient waits in “lobby” for you to join when you’re available.

Encrypted Communication

Audio, video and data are all encrypted for every call.

Single-Click Team Calling

Team URL links allow your whole team to be notified of incoming patient video calls. Receptionists can answer the call or you can in case they are taking a break. Up to 100 team members can be notified at once, in sequence or in a custom order that you specify.

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Simple Calling

Your patients simply click your urLive link to begin their consultation. They don’t need to sign up or install software. urLive links can be placed on your website or shared in email or text messages.

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Encrypted, Private Communication

To safeguard your communication, urLive encrypts both your media (audio and video) and data (messages and transferred files). urLive believes that everyone has the right to private communication so we don’t sell your data. We also don’t show ads which means we don’t collect data to target those adds.

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Attended Call Transfer

urLive makes transferring patients from your reception to your experts personal, quick and easy. Simply invite colleagues to the call, introduce them and leave confident that the patient is in good hands

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Screen Sharing

Share reports, images and files during your patient call.

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Upgrade Phone Call To Video Call

urLive links can be shared in text/SMS messages to upgrade phone calls with patients to full video calls. You simply text your urLive link during your phone conversation and the patient clicks it to start the video call. You answer the call on your mobile phone or laptop and voila, you’re connected over video!

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I’m an urologist. I love this … so usefull (sic) in this situation!

Doctor V. Gar


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s included in the Team Plan?

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How do I purchase a Team Plan?

Basic and Pro plans are great for individuals. However, if you have a team of people that needs their own…

How do I activate and create my Team Page?

Once you have purchased your Team, follow these steps to activate your team. Click My Teams on the side bar….

How do I add the urLive chat widget to an existing website?

Got an existing website or page that you want to add real time communication to? Simply copy the code for…

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