Provide Simple, Fast and Personal Customer Support

One-click Live Video and Chat at a fixed cost

Wow customers with how quickly and effortlessly you resolve their issue when they call you simply from your website without downloading software or creating accounts. Your team answers from their computers or mobile phones and uses HD video and screen sharing to provide superior customer service. Embed our widget on your website and provide modern video customer support for the cost of a phone line.

Step 1

Customers click URL Team Link to start video call. No download. No install.

Step 2

Your team of up to 100 gets notified on their computers or phones, simultaneously or in the order you specify.

Step 3

Screen share or forward calls. Up to 10 participants per call.

Simple, Single-Click Calling

Your customers simply click a urLive link to reach you and begin their service call. They don’t need to sign up or install software. urLive links can be placed on your website or shared in email or text messages.

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Team Calling

  • One-Click Team Calling: Single customer click calls your team of up to 100

  • Team URL: Custom branded URL per team

  • Team Page: Each URL gets its own, customizable team page

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Chat Widget

  • Low Fixed-Cost: No per minute or per call charges.

  • Easy-to-Deploy: Add to your website with a simple copy and paste.

  • Integration in minutes: Just copy your urLive widget code to your website and you’re done. Start receiving calls immediately.

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Advanced Features

  • Included Web Presence: Customizable web page at your URL is included with every account.

  • Multiple Incoming Call Lines: Receive up to 100 calls at the same time. Jump between calls.

  • Social Networking Launch-Pad: Add links to your social networks, other websites or email all in one place.

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Screen Sharing

A picture is worth a thousand words. It’s easier for you to resolve a problem and less stressful on your customers when they can both show you the problem and you can guide them through the solution. Also securely transfer files.

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Customers love talking to us over video … urLive helps us fix connection issues quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s included in the Team Plan?

Team plans are ideal if you require more than one person to manage incoming communications to a site. You get…

How do I purchase a Team Plan?

Basic and Pro plans are great for individuals. However, if you have a team of people that needs their own…

How do I activate and create my Team Page?

Once you have purchased your Team, follow these steps to activate your team. Click My Teams on the side bar….

How do I add the urLive chat widget to an existing website?

Got an existing website or page that you want to add real time communication to? Simply copy the code for…

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